A Basketball Update for Sports Lovers

Are you up to speed when it comes to the National Basketball Association? With the NBA League Pass UK , you can watch all of their competitions, matches and more. And you can do that in the comfort of your own home. If for some reason, you haven’t been able to stay up to speed about the latest victories, the next matches and the best players in the NBA, we would like to bring you up to speed. Then, you tune in for the rest of the basketball season and support your favourite team.

Latest Results

The Match between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago bull ended in a victory for the Bucks who won with 117 points to 106 for the Bulls. In the match between the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat, the suns came out victorious. The San Antonio Spurs lost their match with the Brooklyn Nets (85 to 101), the Pistons defeated the Pacers and the Cavaliers could not win from the Trail Blazers. And the latest match played on the 26th of February, was between the Warriors and the Hornets that ended in 110 for the Hornets and 121 points for the Warriors.

Next Matches

Tomorrow, Orlando will compete against New York, Boston will face Toronto and Oklahoma City will meet Denver. Thursday, there will be a whole selection of matches including teams from Houston, Charlotte, Minnesota, Atlanta and Washington. You can still buy tickets for all of these matches, but don’t wait too long or they will be sold out. And keep checking the schedule on NBA’s website or subscribe to NBA League Pass to keep on top of the game and never miss a game of your favourite team. On the website, you can also find the results of the matches that have been played earlier in the season and see which team has to face off against what team weeks from now.

Best Players

Naturally, the definition of the best players differs greatly. Some believe the best player is the one that puts the most balls in a basket, another believes the best player is the one with the best technique. Amongst the top performers of the last couple of matches was CJ McCollum from the Trail Blazers, DeMarcus Cousins from the Golden State Warriors, Domanatas Sabonis from the Indiana Pacers and LaMarcus Aldridge from the San Antonio Spurs. But even though these players were the best players of the game, Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is often mentioned as the best player of the moment. Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors), James Harden (Houston Rockets), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)and Russel Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) are still in the race of becoming this season’s best basketball player.

Hopefully, we have been able to give you an update of the latest developments in the NBA. We would love to hear who your favourite team or player is and why.