Galaxy S9 will lead the race with its performance and memory

Best of all Galaxy S8 productivity growth can be seen in the benchmarks. In real life, the two smartphones S8 and S8+ seem equally fast, but they are not perfect. Sometimes there are noticeable interface freezes, sometimes fixed on the screen accidentally pressed.

Galaxy S8 has a new processor, even two. In the US, the device is sold with a Snapdragon processor 835 is used for at least a fast processor Samsung Exynos 8895. In the rest of the world in this review used Galaxy S7 smartphones and Galaxy S8 with a Samsung Exynos processor. Words are popping out all around the globe that the new Galaxy S9 is coming out with a latest chipset Exynos 9810. It will have to variants- one Exynos 9810V and other Exynos 9810M. The new processors have developed with a more advanced process 10 nm, which allows using less energy with higher speed.

In everyday use, Galaxy S8 seems faster and less pull is enough in comparison with last year’s machine, but there is no such smoothness, which can be found in Google Pixel smartphone or Apple iPhone. The problem with random tapping on the screen and will not go away. In Galaxy S9, we will see the smoothness while typing and when swiping the screen.

All this does not prevent Galaxy S8 excels: in benchmarks it ahead of all Android smartphone and iPhone loses only 7 in single-thread performance. Galaxy S8 clearly has a more powerful processor by comparison with the Galaxy S7; the speed difference is expressed in percentage of two-digit value. In Galaxy S9, the high-powered Exynos 9810 chipset with its 550 MHz clock speed has become a tough competitor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. BrilliantExynos 9810 is constituted with total 8 cores. Four of them are M2 cores while other four are ARM Cortex A-53 cores.

Note for gamers: Both smartphones support GUI, which guarantees improved performance in the most advanced games. Unfortunately, the review of the Galaxy S8 has shown that the most demanding games with smooth graphics are experiencing problems. In new Galaxy, S9 will not face any kind of problem as S8 did. Samsung will bring new outstanding technologies with the launch of Galaxy S9.

The new smartphone S8 volume of flash memory has doubled, now the basic version offers 64 GB instead of 32 GB. Users will appreciate this move Samsung a few months after the beginning of the use of the smartphone when accumulating photos and videos. Both smartphones have a slot for micro SD memory cards, although Samsung removes it from its flagship a few years ago. In Galaxy S9, RAM is up to 6GB and an internal memory of 128GB which is expandable up to 258GB via micro SD card.

The competition in 2018 is going to be very tough. Galaxy S9 has to compete with many well-famed companies like Apple, LG, SONY, Huawei, etc. Let’s see who will win the first inning.