Graphic Designers You Should Know About

The modern market is huge when it comes to graphic designing. From newspapers to magazines to creating Youtube content, graphic designing has a huge impact on how well your content receives. Which is why there are actual high-profile jobs when it comes to graphic designing. Companies pay a lot of money to professional graphic designers to keep their brand image trendy and up to date with the current standards.Let’s look at a couple of the famous graphic designers who set new standards for the industry.

David Carson:
Born in 1955 in Texas, David Carson is one of the more recognized graphic designers in the world. He started his career as the art director for Transworld Skateboarding in 1984. He was soon hired to design a lifestyle magazine called Ray Gun, where he used the Dingbat font which is infamous for having only symbols. In 1995, he started his own studio and started working for a lot of huge clients like Microsoft, Armani, and Pepsi to name a few.

Thanks to his iconic design works, he soon started to be recognized all over the globe. He now holds several lectures on a regular basis and continues to give interviews from time to time.

Chip Kidd:
Charles Kidd, also known as Chip Kidd, is an American graphic designer born in Pennsylvania. He is mostly known for designing book covers. His style keeps changing from one book to another as he thinks that sticking to one style can be crippling.Kidd has freelanced for a lot of major companies like Amazon leading up to him being an art director at Knopf currently. Also, being a huge fan of comic books, he has done covers for a lot of them. The highlights include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Chip Kidd takes an honest approach when it comes to working. He feels like his projects need to be compatible with his ideas to truly put his heart and soul into it. He is the kind of graphic designer who knows exactly what he’s doing.

These are just a couple of famous graphic designers among hundreds of others. Graphic designing is something that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. It takes a lot of effort to analyze everything that’s going around the world and come up with something that will please most of the people. It takes high levels of creative skills to design something that’s original and aesthetically pleasing.