Become a Professional Dancer of Brazilian Zouk by Attending Krizouk

Dance is one of the most popular and oldest means of creative expression that exists. From sensual Latin dances to ballroom dancing, there is always something practiced out there, which you can learn and train. Whether you are a teen have interest in salsa dance lessons or an adult seeking to learn dance in-depth and attend workshops and events, you should visit today. It is a dance school in Zurich that conduct group classes, private lessons, host workshops, events and parties in both small and large scale. This school has some of the well-rounded dancers who are enriched with potential of creating several dance forms.

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Benefits of joining krizouk

If you really have interest to learn dance, especially Brazilian Zouk and Samba de Gafieira, joining krizouk Salsa Class & School in Zurich is the right option. The needs and abilities of every student are nurtured and fostered in a lovely environment. The students, their character and skills are valued as well as strengthened via their dance programs and workshops. They teach different dance styles all that are rooted in appropriate dance replacement and firm technique that are implemented to all genres of dance. They have something to bestow all levels of student, from pre-professional to recreational classes. The teachers in this school come from a diverse of professional dance backgrounds and technical training and they all have a common target motivating every individual student in their abilities, skills and love of dance.

Learn Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk is the general term referring a dance that is developed out of the Brazilian dance Lambada. This dance is now mixed with a range of music, which include Caribbean zouk music that is how the dance found to be known as zouk. In the Krizouk dance, all directions of Brazilian Zouk will be taught and danced, since it is significant that students have the required repertoire and the method to dance to various genres of music. Students will be practice such that they are not only trained to dance in single direction, but also in the combined elements of distinct lines based on the dance partners, experience and music. Krizouk schoo is strongly working towards the growth of Samba de Gafieira and Brazilian Zouk in Switzerland and also with global dance scenes and regularly invite popular guest teachers to school so as to inspire their scene and make it certain that their students are well exposed.