Elderly person had a hard time to get borang BRIM

A group of seniors battled with their expectations when they did not get their 1Malaysia Individuals’s Help (BRIM) payment in spite of their authorized applications K. Sivam, 74, a retired person and among those whom missed out on to complete the borang BRIM, informed The Star that he is RukunTetangga head and he had actually assisted his friends and next-door neighbors to make an application for the BRIM. He even received a letter from the Inland Income Board (IRB) on January 15 which specified that the cash had actually been transferred into his checking account. Then on inspecting he found out cash was not credited to his account. And he is not alone.

According to Sivam, there have to do with 50 individuals in his area who in a comparable scenario and have not received the assured payment even after the approval of their application. He stated that he himself assisted those who did not have the savings account or those who were having a hard time to fill the forms. He informed The Star that he has contacted his bank numerous times, however the cash is not yet in his account. He revealed his discouragement at the cash invested as taxi fare in going to and fro from the bank. When this problem was questioned to the authorities, the Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong stated that it is possible that the recipients will have gotten the services after the due date extended from December 31, to January 31, 2016.

He likewise stated that individuals with turned down applications would use once again as he mentioned the example of 2014 where in 94 % of 500,000 failed candidates were authorized after reapplications. These appeals can just be made after the letter of rejection is received. The significant factor for rejection of the application is inaccurate or the insufficient info in the application. Some cases have appeared where in the earnings was greater than the defined limitations. He ensured individuals that they have one month to reapply for the BRIM eligibility check after the rejection. BRIM was presented in 2012 as a way to offer financial assistance to individuals from lower earnings strata of the society. The function of the services is to relieve the problem of the increasing expense of the living particularly for the bad individuals. For more info refer to http://www.br1m.net/.

Borang brim online is a new way to aid individuals to use the help much faster. Brim 2016 online is constructed to justify the subsidy provided to the both bad and rich.