Get acquainted about the details of the historic Camden Brewery sold recently!!

Founded by Jasper Cuppaidge in the year 1020, the Camden Town Brewery is located at the 55 Wilkin Street Mews, Kentish towns at London NW5. One of the leading providers of the alcoholic beverages, ever since its foundation, the company is well known for its best services all over the world. The founder is the grandson of Laurie McLaughlin, who has the credit of running the executing the tasks in the McLaughlin’s brewery in Rockhampton, Australia from the year 1910 to 1960 which encompasses an estate of about 60 pubs.

New owner of the Camden Town brewery

In the recent times, it was officially declared by the organization that it has been sold to the Anheuser Busch Inbev who is a renowned world famous beverage aggregate who already owns the Budweiser, Stellar Artois and Beck’s. So, the historic Camden brewery sold has been shocking to some leading to some harsh comments on the social networking websites. The prize at which it is sold is believed to be Dollar 85 millions.

The several enthusiasts of the crafts beer have rounded and expressed their anger in many forms and they do not like the fact that the company has been sold to a corporate giant which also came as a surprise for many industry insiders. The founder of the alcohol beverage company took to twitter in order to respond to the Camden fans but ultimately the truth lies that the brewer has purposely lost the immense support from the loyal customers.


Some facts about the Camden Town brewery

  • AB In gev, the new owner of the beverage company has been jammed off guard due to the gaining popularity of the crafts beer in the frequent years.
  • Emerged as one of the representatives in the brewing movement, craft beers are known to be characteristically brewed by several small scale and independent companies.
  • More than 12 million pints of the company has been sold this year and was instantly pushed to subcontract some brewing to the city of Belgium after it was seen that the sales jumped from the dollar 2.5 million in 2012 to dollar 9 million in the last year.
  • By taking hold of the Camden, AB InBev is substituting one crafts which intrigued some observers of the industry. The owner has also made up his mind to sell the meantime which is synonymous to Camden, and also to the SAB’s Peroni and Grolsch brands.