Merits And Demerits Of The Technology

Almost every people in all over the world are more dependent on technology. After the introduction of mobile phone every people are using that and they even the little kids are like to use the mobile phone. Individual can enjoy lot of benefits by using the mobile phone. They can check all their mails from their mobile phone and they can attend the video conference without going to outstation for attending meetings. Mobile phones are become the best companion for men and they like to store their secrets in their mobile phone and they will lock their mobile with passwords. It is quite common between every people to lock their mobile phone with password because most of the people are using their mobile phone for their business uses.


But most of the youngsters are using this for wrong uses. Now youngsters can know all the good and bad things through internet and from their mobile phone they can gather much good and bad information. They can store the information and images in their mobile phone. Many parents have fear on the attitude of their children towards the mobile phone. Now they can more facilities like social media network like face book, twitter, instagram, watsup, snap chat. They can get more friends from many parts of the world. Choosing the right friend is more important on the young age if they choose the bad friends their total behavior will be changed. To monitor the attitude of the children, parents like to use the technology.

Need For The Mobile Spy App

By using the spy mobile phone they can monitor all the activities of their children. Not only to children many business people like to monitor the activities of their employees and they can use this app on their mobile phone to monitor their activities. Individuals can install this app on their device which they like to monitor. After installing the app they can monitor the device from their mobile phone or tablet or from the computer. This app will help to find the gps location of the person where they are travelling. Some of the features in this spy app are they can monitor the sms text messages, watsup and imessge. Views contacts and email, website visited and calls logs.

They can easily blog apps which are running on the phone. They can monitor their twitter and face book messages. If they like to view the live screen it is possible for them by using the live panel option. People like to view the text messages send by their spouse to know whether they are sending messages to their friends or their lovers. They can use these apps for knowing that. Like that many people have the habit of telling lie to their wives as they are going to attend business conference and they will go to some other places. If they install this app to their husband mobile phone they can easily know the location where their husbands are going. And they can warn them.