The importance of holding the temporary insurance

The avid travelers and the learner drivers should hold a valid driving license along with a short term insurance policy while driving to their friend’s or relative’s car. Similarly, the users should insure for their friend, if he is using the user’s car for emergency purpose. The reason is the existing policy of the car may not cover the user’s friend. So, it is mandatory to apply the insurance for him, if he is riding the user’s car for his own purpose. The short term insurance is intended for such purposes and nowadays it can be obtained from the online portals. The online insurance agencies provide insurance for learner drivers and for the provisional license holder. The online agencies like let the users to posses the cover instantly.

Purpose of Short Term Insurance:

Driving the personal cars without valid license and insurance cover may lead to penalties. To avoid such issues, it is mandatory to hold such documents. Some users may learn car driving using their friend’s car so it is mandatory to have the short term insurance. The short term insurance is valid for 1-28 days and it can be extended by applying the same policy on the current cover. The One Day Insurance is similar to this cover and valid for 1day, which can be applied in emergency cases. However, the users should drive the vehicle with an adult who is aged more than 25 with valid driving license. The online platform helps to complete all the paper works for this short term insurance.

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Benefits of temporary insurance:

The temporary insurance provides lots of benefits to the users and it is a suitable insurance for learner drivers. The users who are aged less than 21 can use this policy to drive the cars for their personal purpose. It can be obtained just buy filling few details about the users. They need to provide their name & address along with the license & driving history. The car information should be given to provide the appropriate insurance policy. The users can also mention the date of the cover begins and ends. It is safe to have the short term insurance while using other’s car or the users should take the cover for their friends, when they are driving the user’s car. This cover is alternate to the 12month policies and can be obtained in affordable price.