Things to know about concussion

Concussion is one of the dangerous brain injures if you are not taking care of it. This is the type of head trauma which is common among children. This may be quite worrying when your child is suffering from a disease called concussion.

What is concussion?

Concussion 3

Concussion is a brain disease which the brain and the human body has some sudden unexpected hit. At that moment the fragile, jello like brain slams up against the inside of the skull which may cause damages. This may cause some temporary loss of consciousness and some may suffer from headache, seeing stars or dizziness, after the initial injury your brain may often shock ad it may takes few minutes or hours to recover it. It is quite difficult to monitor a child immediately following concussion and for a couple of days therefore to find if the symptoms are increasing or getting worse than before.

Types of concussion symptoms:

For kids

Even though this concussion is common among children the symptoms may vary among children. Some kids always looked dazed, some may not steady while walking or loss their balance while walking, some may gets easily tired and some may not interested in toys and games. These some of the common symptoms among children and are often tough to recognize, because babies cannot communicate and express the way they feel.

For teens

The symptoms may vary for kids and teens and the below are some of the symptoms of teens


Can’t concentrate of lack of interest and ability in focusing

Sadness or anger

Easily gets tired while playing or walking


These are some of the most common symptoms among teens if your child is experiencing any of the above symptoms it is best to visit your physician to examine your child and find whether your child is affected by concussion.

Things to do to protect your child from concussion:

Once you have found that your child is affected by concussion, visit your physician immediately. Generally babies skulls are still fusing and the chances of brain injury is very common. Once your child has had this concussion tries to protect him or her from additional head trauma. Try to avoid a sports activity which is the major cause for this concussion.

If your child is a sports player or athlete then the chance of suffering from this concussion is very high. Once you have found that your child is affected by concussion try to avoid sports and allow him or her to rest more. Don’t push them to work on home works or to study this may make the disease more dangerous. Give all the medicines properly and regularly and allow them to do what they want to do. If you are taking proper care and medicines surely it will cure and your child will be back to normal in a period of time. If you are careless and taking Concussion Treatments Toronto properly so easily then it will a deadly disease.