Tips to get the best out of your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi device’s performance completely depends on the quality of signals that it receives from router. If the device that you are using is out of Wi-Fi’s range or at its boundary, the connection would keep on dropping.

Wi-Fi signals can also get interrupted due to other wireless and microwave devices. So, your Wi-Fi network’s performance completely depends on its router’s location. Choosing the best location requires small amount of efforts.

Choose the best location

Try keeping the router at various locations in the central part of your house or office. Then, check the signal strength in various parts of the property. Trying multiple locations is the best way to check the suitability.

Cabinets, furniture, and walls can also reduce the signal. Router should be installed near the ceiling and should not be installed closer to floor level. Avoid installing routers nearby stainless countertops, mirrors, and windows. Tips to get the best out of your Wi-Fi network

Router should also be installed away from home automation systems, baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other wireless appliances. Plus, never think about installing your router near fluorescent lights, motors, and electric fans.

After installation, make sure that you adjust the unit’s antenna to get maximum possible signal strength. The unit should be installed in such a way that it should equally distribute the signal in all parts of the property. If you fail to find such location, you should consider about installing Wi-Fi boosters.

Upgrade older Wi-Fi systems

Wi-Fi routers and other equipment lasts for several years. But it is advisable to upgrade your equipment at-least once in every two years. New Wi-Fi equipment works faster and offers better coverage.

These days, video cameras, gaming consoles, printers, smart refrigerators, and even home automation units can work on Wi-Fi. However, latest Wi-Fi equipment is necessary to connect all these devices to the internet. So, it is advisable to upgrade the system with time.

Use Wi-Fi boosters to get rid of black spots

It is oblivious that router’s signal might not reach each and every corner of the house or commercial premises. So, in such a case, it is advisable to install access points or repeaters (Wi-Fi boosters) in areas where the router’s signals are weak or not reachable.

You can read reviews for Wifi Boosters UK, and check the best one that is also compatible with your broadband or internet network. This will make sure that all your Wi-Fi devices receive best possible Wi-Fi signal.