Unite together and help police to find pocket man

Crimes and its rates always get increased in the world. Until the criminal stops his crimes, the crime rate will not get decreased, but the things that we can do is finding the criminal and give punishment. Though police keep on working on finding the criminals, they cannot get the full success on their attempt. In such cases, it is responsibility of the people to hold the hands with police to find out the criminals. And the cases such these kinds are rare but very effective. One of such cases is pocket man. Who is this pocket man? And why police needs the help of public in this case? Let us focus on those details in this article.

Pocket man:

Pocket man is the criminal who belongs to Norway. He committed series of crime against the minor boys. The police are vigorously searching him for the sexual assault crimes. In order to narrow the search, a separate website was created for him. In that website, everything about him will be updated. The place where committed the crime and the identification on his appearance on the particular day will be updated clearly. The time and place are updated due to the reason of giving a clue to the people. the people might be at the same place at the same time when the crime is committed and they might have seen the particular criminal closely. But they might cross him without knowing that he is the pocket man who is committing the flawless crimes all over the parts of Norway.

20110222_the-legend-of-pocket-man (1) Actually he started his crime in the southern parts of Norway at first and spreading to the northern parts. Hence there are lots of children and the minor boys have got affected by him. It is our responsibility to give the hands to police in finding him. If you visit the website that is created for him, you can get the images of him that has been captured from the surveillance camera that was attached at the place where he committed the crime. Though the picture has not consist good quality and it is not clear since it was taken from the video footage it can give the clue to the people if they have seen him somewhere with the help of the resemblance that they find in the picture. The difficulty in this case is due to the fact that the criminal is mingled with the public and remaining as the public so that police find difficulty in finding the right person who is responsible for this kind of crimes.

When the image get identified by the people it would become a great turning point in this case to deal it in a different way. If people visit the website and read about where they spotted lommemannen who is pocket man, they can give the clues that are most helpful for the police. and the rate of crime can be totally destroyed when he is caught.