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If you are an NBA lover in the United States then you will definitely know about the Women's National Basketball Association. The league consists of twelve teams which were found on April 24, 1996. Since 1997, the women’s have participated in the NBA competitions. The regular season of WNBA played from May to September and at eh end of September the league gets their finalists. The WNBA proved it a successful league among other leagues and become a woman’s best basketball talent in the world.

Launching of league and plays

On April 24, 1996 the WNBA successfully got the official approval by the Board of Governors. The WNBA started his journey by eight teams, i.e. Houston Comets, the Charlotte Sting, Cleveland Rockers or New York Liberty. These teams play the matches from the Eastern Conference. From the Western Conference, Phoenix Mercury, Sacramento Monarchs, the Los Angeles Sparks and Utah Starzz contend matches within the league. In the city, the primary eight WNBA franchises were settled. With the nicknames and uniform colors the teams were looking like of other men’s counterparts. June 21, 1997 was the day when the WNBA started his first season with small fan following. The initial day of March in Los Angeles, New York Liberty contends a single match against the Los Angeles Sparks. The NBC television network was telecasted the live match in the USA.

About season’s pattern

  • Regular season – In the month of May the teams start their training camps. Coaching staff and other official members begin preparations for the season. It is the responsibility of the coaches and the staff members to bring most suitable women players from the team so that they can perform better. When the training session is over the series of preseason exhibition held check the working of the selected rosters. The WNBA betting tips and strategies go higher due to the changing statistics in the game. In the WNBA careers over 30 successful women players have scored at least 3,000 points. It is interesting to note that only nine WNBA players have touched the 6,000 points.
  • WNBA All-Star Game – The All Star game was initiated in 1999. The foremost players of the Eastern Conference participated in the game against the leading players in the Western Conference. In 2001, the first All star award was given to Elena Baranova (Russia). Each year in the month of July the celebration of All-Star Game is held by stopping the regular season. It is a weekend long event which held’s many WNBA cities. The interesting thing about this game is that fans have authority to vote for their players. The selected players choose to participate in the match. During the breakout of all star game a trading deadline given to teams to exchange their players with others only in a short interval of time.
  • WNBA Playoffs - The playoffs of WNBA begin in late September or August. In these plays the best eight teams qualify for the playoffs without regard to conference alignment. The teams ranking depends on the seeds or byes. The teams who have first two seeds get extra double byes and the others who have next two seeds get first-round byes. By following the tournament format the teams fight with each other in single-elimination game.
  • The Finals – The two semifinal winners go to the WNBA Finals. This competition is currently scheduled for October. The players on the winning side receive a championship ring from the federation. The WNBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award is given to the women's player which was given since the league's inaugural season. Sophia Young, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are the top players in the WNBA who received four times WNBA All Star.