What your dictionary says about a leader?

Often people have their own dictionaries with their own meanings. The meanings are sometimes gathered by a lifetime experience and sometimes just from a little incident. But I feel that unique dictionary everyone has is very important and it really depicts the character of the person. The dictionary is nothing but the real heart of an individual and that one is the reason for the way you see the world. And now my question what our personal dictionary says about the value of leadership? But many answering this question give a little smile about the probability of becoming a leader. Is leadership such a big burden compared with the other designations? I should accept and give a yes for this question but not all the time. Even if you are not capable of becoming a great leader you can learn from a leader.

Man of Matra

Mécanique Aviation Traction or Matra is now called in another name which operated on many spheres mainly concentrating on automobiles, bicycles, aeronautics and many others. But before knowing about the company you should the man of matra. It is none other than Jean Paul Gut who has graduated from the ‘Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Pariswith’ and his degree was in the subject of economy. He joined as a part of matra group in 1983 and his initial designation was vice president relating to exports. But in 1994 this company was merged with Lagardère Group and till now it is operating under the name. After this business venture, he joined the board of management of this group and was the managing director of this organization. When the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company also shortly known as EADS is started in the year of 2000, he joined the firm and has given his best for its wonderful performance joining as a member of the board and also as a executive director.

A leader needs to be leader

It is here you can understand the effectiveness of his leadership qualities as he started his own organization called as Armat group in London in the year of 2008. This is consultation firm which invest both in low scale as well as large scale in many departments including education, defense, entertainment and many others. He with his hard work still remains in contact with the Airbus organization starting from his career and this communication may explain his credits well.